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NSIPS Login – The Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) is the most important piece of equipment in the Navy. It’s a field-entry system that connects sailors to jobs, ships, and bases to their bases, as well as employers and workers. This system is vital to the Navy’s financial success. It can also cause delays and job loss. This article will explain why maintaining the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System is important, as well as great products to track attendance. Also, here you will find out how to log in to NSIPS.

The Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System is the best and most widely used system for tracking Naval personnel information. It includes enlisted personnel, midshipmen, and officers such as lieutenants, rear admirals, and is available worldwide. It is widely used, but it may not be in use everywhere.


How do I get access to NSIPS? 

Please pay attention to this information. Please submit your SAAR-N Form OPNAV 5239/2011 request for NSIPS, Electronic Service Record, and WEB ADHOC to [email protected], a hard copy of the request is required for access to a specific online request that is available at the following link;

NSIPS Contacts

The Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System is the Navy’s single field-entry electronic pay and personnel system. It serves all USN/USNR Sailors. The web-enabled Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP system gives Sailors 24/7 access to their Electronic Service Record, training data, career counseling records, and ESR. NSIPS can be accessed worldwide from both ashore or afloat. NSIPS can be found on 150 ships. It is accessible via the ship’s network, which uses a disconnected operations infrastructure to synchronize data with the ashore networks when connectivity permits.

With the exception of CO/XO/OIC/CMC requests, email the signed or completed SAAR-N to nsips-saar’[email protected] in a PDF format. Command NAM’s should keep locally any CO/XO/OIC/CMC request. All commands are encouraged and encouraged to designate an NSIPS NAM.

For CO/XO/OIC/CMC command-level access to the Electronic Service Record, a hardcopy SAAR-N form is not necessary.

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