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Nsips Web Page – The Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System will be an integrated database that will store all reserve and active force personnel information. The NSIPS is a central system to manage personnel information. The database is secured and only accessible to authorized personnel from the agency that sponsors it. The Navy can access all active-duty service members and reserve service members through the eQIP system.

The NSIPS navy is an electronic personnel-pay system that provides web-enabled secure access to every employee’s record including training information, career counseling records and more. It is currently used on 150 Navy ships. After a member has logged in to NSIPS it will allow them to access their employment and payroll information.


NSIPS Contacts

The NSIPS Navy replaces the former Reserve Standard Administration, Training, and Administration. The program handles personnel information as well as assignments to personnel and benefits. NSIPS does not just provide HR and payroll data, but also assists with career advancement as well as education for sailors. The system provides sailors with 24-hour access to important information as well as the ability to transfer money. The Electronic Service Record is a alternative to paper records. It has proved to be more effective than traditional maintenance methods. Command officers were able to have access to the ESRs of students in the first year in 2002.

The NSIPS Navy is an essential tool for the naval service. Besides being an online database of personnel as well as a payroll system, it functions as a career change and training tool. The NSIPS is the main source for sailors’ careers and employment information. In addition they have access 24/7 to vital details. Electronic service records are more efficient than paper records and has been replaced by paper records. The electronic service record permits command officers to view the records of students in their first year, and it tracks the salaries of all military personnel.

The US Navy’s electronic personnel management system is NSIPS. The NSIPS handles the entire USNR/USN sailors’ payrolls and personnel. It also allows commanders to view information regarding the financials of their squad. NSIPS is also used to maintain precise records of retirements and other personnel. It allows service members and their superiors to make changes on their own without the need for approval.

The Navy utilizes NSIPS to manage its personnel and payroll. It also serves as a training resource and record of career changes. The NSIPS database lets service members have access to their employment information and other vital information 24/7. The NSIPS is different from self-ESRs. The ESR, which is an online document about an individual’s employment, can be accessed by command officials. The database offers a broad variety of information about a squad.